Welcome to Wisdom Tree Counseling. It takes courage and a desire to change to seek counseling. The Emancipation Oak Tree is a symbol of the strength, determination, wisdom and fortitude that resides in all of us.

 Wisdom Tree Counseling would like to join you as a companion as you travel your life journey. Wisdom Tree Counseling will never dictate to you—whether it is what life path you should take, how you should feel, or even what should matter to you. Wisdom Tree Counseling wants to understand and get to know you as a person. As we reach understanding, you will gain the wisdom to learn about yourself.

 It takes courage and strength to possess the will to be honest with one’s self. Effective counseling presents the opportunity to have someone to talk to and help work through difficult and often painful emotions. This can lead to discovering new perspectives and paths of action for desired change that may have remained unseen. Self-Discovery can be exhilarating, freeing, relieving, and inspiring. Often times, we just need someone that will listen and understand, someone that will simply just be with us in tough and trying times.